Friday, November 23, 2012

Should There Be A Voltes V Fan Convention?

Given that Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction based genre fan conventions had been financially beneficial to each of their brand image should there be one for Voltes V?

By:  Ringo Bones

Ever since the first Star Trek convention back in 1974, such big events not only serve to advance the revenue earning potential of every science fiction franchise with a large fanbase, but also serve as a very important venue to attract new fans or “converts” as well. But should there be one for the late 1970s science fiction Anime series Voltes V?

Even though I have yet to hear one becoming highly publicized on Philippine soil, it seams that – whether official or not from Questor’s perspective – there hasn’t been a major Voltes V convention ever commissioned despite fans of the “Martial Law” era TV series now probably number in the tens of thousands. It may be that all a dedicated Voltes V fan to do is start an “unofficial” fan convention in his or her garage. After all, around the time of the first Star Trek motion picture was released – it was purported to be that in the United States alone during the 1980s, there were as many as 30,000 Star Trek conventions a year – though how much of there are “officially” sanctioned conventions is still open to speculation.

Should there be big venue Voltes V convention - preferably held in a “large-ish” convention center like the one oft advertized in SM malls? Even though nobody has yet to give recent “accountancy figures” on the economic viability of such a big venue science fiction / fantasy convention in this day and age, it might as well be just serve as a venue to attract new converts – or see every “obsessive” fan dress for a Voltes V based Cosplay role playing in the zaniest possible manner just for the Hell of it. I’m already intrigued by the prospect.